Begins on Monday 4th October 2021 

Join the Beginners Guide to Investing Group- Begin your investing journey now.

  •  Learn how to transition from a Saver to an Investor confidently
  •  Position yourself to benefit from the world of investing -Historically this gives 10%   returns
  •  Avoid common investment mistakes
  •  Learn about different types of investments
  •  Gain crucial insight on where to invest
  •  Learn about what you can invest in 
  •  Boost your confidence on the world of investing
  •  Review top performing funds
  •  Feel more confident speaking to financial professionals
  •  Join a group of likeminded investors
  •  Benefit from a monthly workshop designed to expand on key learning materials
  •  Receive a straightforward breakdown of investing materials

Have you ever imagined being in a position where you feel confident enough to invest? We’ll give you the knowledge to achieve your goals whilst potentially generating returns of 10% or more

Take advantage of our special limited £75 a month introductory offer (was £125), which includes workshops on:

I. Investing made easy

II. Prospering with pensions


                                           What You Will Learn

  •  Learn how to generate income            
  • How to invest money
  • Prospering with pensions
  • Where to invest 
  • Why you need to beat inflation
  • Benefits of compound interest
  • Why you need to diversify
  • Tax efficient investing 
  • The different types of funds
  •  Popular funds 
  • Passive and active investing
  • How much risk to take
  • Dividend stock
  • Key investment terminology

Financial freedom can make dreams come true. Don’t you deserve to live your life free from financial worries?

Our course is designed to help you benefit from the world of investing.


Who is this for?

  • Anyone that wants to build wealth
  • Anyone that wants the prospect of financial freedom
  • Anyone that is fearful and intimidated about investing
  • Anyone that feels confused and overwhelmed by the world of investing 
  • Anyone that wants to benefit from the world of investing
  • Anyone who wants to feel more confident speaking to financial professionals

The course is divided into seven parts over 12 weeks

£ 75/month

  • Key investment terminology and why investing is so important
  • Accessing the world of investing
  • The key products used when investing
  • Different types of investments
  • The importance of diversification and risk
  • How to think like an investor
  • Pensions


We will improve your learning so that you can take the confusion out of investing within 12 weeks.

Over 12 Weeks You Will Learn      

  • Do's and Dont's of investing
  • Learn how to think like an investor and avoid big losses
  • Feel empowered to have wealth building conversations
  • Feel confident speaking to financial professionals 
  • Feel confident about investing affordably
  • Learn how to make investing cost effective
  • Feel confident building wealth long term

Don’t delay. Start your journey to financial

security by unlocking the world of investing.

Ask yourself:

Do you want to leave a legacy and learn how to get money to work hard for you?

Would you like the prospect of an early retirement?

Would you like to live life comfortably without any money worries?

If the answer is YES then join us on the Beginners Guide to Investing Group

By choosing to invest you are choosing to build wealth and to have the prospect of financial freedom.


Have a look at what some of our past clients have to say:

My knowledge in stocks and shares has grown which has permitted me to invest in the stock market. A satisfied member


I'm thoroughly enjoying being a part of the wealth builders’ community. I'm learning so much and I'm constantly stretching myself with my investments. Super excited for the next months’ ahead


I find you truthful, reliable and you are interested in helping those who feel they have no hope of getting out the situations they find themselves in by charging reasonably and you are genuinely interested in their progress


                                           Meet Your Teachers      

Annette (Financial Educator)

  • Transitioned successfully from a Saver to an Investor
  • Author of the empowering book: How to save £10,000 on a low income
  • Invests consistently and is getting returns of 10% or above
  • Passionate about empowering people to save and then invest
  • Has empowered many people to save and then invest confidently
  • Approachable and transparent

Edem (Independent Financial Adviser)

  • Passionate about helping people to benefit from the world of investing
  • Over 10 years banking and investment experience
  • Helps people to make their money work harder
  • Puts the interest of clients first and foremost
  • Approachable, transparent and caring

Only 33% of adults invest and benefit from the world of investing. It’s time to increase this statistic so that you too, can benefit from the world of investing.

We will support you to feel confident about investing. 

We understand how frustrating it is to learn about the basics of investing. 

Our personal investments have seen returns of 10% or above, and yours could too! 

Join us on the journey from a saver to an investor.

Have a look at what some of our past clients have to say:

Saver to Investor is an excellent first step to attaining the knowledge needed for greater financial independence and to make money work harder for you. I was surprised, in a good way, to find out how little I knew about ways to invest my money. It was helpful to find out about the platforms available to invest my money with. This material is really needed, there are so many take ways that you can confidently say are applicable because of the level of expertise involved in the delivery. It didn’t take me more than 24 hours before I began applying what I learnt


I gained useful tips of companies to invest in, based on experience. I found out about charges to look out for when investing. I received recommendations about which websites to use. I received honest answers about what I could do in relation to a personal question I asked


It was packed with very useful information for someone who has very basic knowledge on how to invest. I now have practical knowledge on where to begin my investment journey. The course content was very valuable and provided guidance on the do’s and don’ts of investing, ways to save and how to do my due diligence as a DIY investor. Annette and Edem broke down very complex jargon into simple language


We look forward to seeing you. Get in touch today.

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